Rajeev Dixit

Rajeev Dixit

Rajeev Dixit was an Indian social activist (1967-2010) who had launched “Azadi Bachao Andolan” (Save Freedom Movement) in order to protect Indian industries. He has also served as the national secretary to Ramdev’s anti-corruption organization, Bharat Swabhiman Andolan. Apart from his motto of saving Indian industries, he was always concerned about Indian health too. He had done a great research on Hindi scriptures of which Ayurveda was on the top. He has suggested a lot of simple & powerful ways to keep Indian health fine. Take a look:


1. Rules of drinking water before & after meal: Rajeev Dixit :

had always suggested not drinking water until one hour after taking food, & also at least forty minutes before your meal. The reason is that if you drink water while eating food, agni of your stomach will become mild and you may deal with digestion problems in future.

Rajeev Dixit


2. Consume major part of daily food early in the morning:

If you consume major part of your diet in the early morning, then you can avoid any ailments related to obesity and other lifestyle diseases like thyroid and diabetes. You will remain healthy throughout your life without consumption of any drug.

3. Get rid of cold, cough and fever with home remedies:

One can treat cold with home remedies like having hot milk with haldi. Cough can also be treated by drinking ginger mixed with honey & tulsi. Fever can be treated having kaadha of dalchini powder & tulsi.

4. Consume ample of water in morning: Rajeev Dixit

had always started his morning regime on a healthy note. He has always suggested importance of drinking hot water in the early morning. This makes one pass stool easily. But have it by sip sip.

5. Fix timings of meal: Rajeev Dixit

had always recommended that people should have their meals on fixed time on a daily basis. Moreover, you must break down 3 big meals into 5 small ones. Infact, science has proven that when you consume multiple small meals, your metabolic activity increases at the expense of energy provided the fats and glucose stored in our body.

6. Avoid late night dinners

According to Rajeev Dixit, people suffering from gastric issues and acidity worsen their bodies by having late night dinner. This is because their stomachs don’t get the time to digest the food properly. There is no doctor or dietician in the world who would suggest you to go to sleep immediately after having dinner.

Being an Indian, we all should be proud of him, he has not only sacrificed his life into research of Ayurveda, so that health of Indians can get improved, but he has also done a hard work to make our country free from corruption, being slaves to MNCs and ban western culture into our society. He has enlightened lives of people by preaching the Hindu scriptures to masses. May God bless such a kind, brave and great India patriot Shri Rajeev Dixit .

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