Organic Ghee

Organic Ghee

Organic Ghee is a popular dairy food that is commonly prescribed in Asian countries during pregnancy. It is believed that consumption of organic ghee helps a pregnant mother in getting a healthy baby. During pregnancy, the mother requires extra nutrition, so that the fetus grows well and get mature in womb, at the same time, mother would stay healthy and hearty. Mother can use organic ghee as an ingredient in cooking as well as toppings on rice, parathas, rotis, khichari, dal etc.


Top 5 benefits of organic Ghee during pregnancy


Given are the following benefits of Organic Ghee for a pregnant woman:


1. 1. Helps in digestion

It is clinically proven fact that organic-ghee is loaded with several nutrients like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and some health friendly antioxidants. These nutrients offer balanced nourishment to a pregnant mother. Ghee aids in digestion, which is an added advantage of adding moderate quantity of organic ghee in pregnancy diet.

Organic Ghee


2. Pregnancy induced constipation gets reduced

A woman faces a lot of hormonal changes in her body during pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes, the recurring spell of constipation often starts sprouting. Ghee acts as a natural antidote of this issue. Organic ghee contains sufficient butyric acid, which is a gut friendly medium chain fatty acid, offering intrinsic health support for hassle free colon cleansing.

3. Initiates good baby development

It is medically proven that organic ghee consumption is beneficial for fetus’s growth. Organic-ghee is a boon for pregnant woman as it helps nurture baby’s development at its best. If a carrying mother indulges into ghee diet, then she will definitely enjoy great ghee benefits. This added calories and nutritional base of organic ghee is helpful for growth of the fetus.

4. Bestows nourishing effect on body

Nausea, dizziness, mood swings & low immunity are some of the pregnancy induced complications that makes a pregnant lady out of her mind and it lacks the exertion of general strength. Organic ghee can definitely stands as a pillar of strength during pregnancy.

5. Releases stress of the body

Moderate consumption of organic-ghee induces a carefree mood and accordingly relieves undue stress. Other added advantage is that, it is one of the most natural and healthy ways to nurture the body and keeping it warm and resilient.

Organic ghee is far healthier and helpful diet option for a pregnant woman in comparison to any other synthetic ghee. However, ghee is high in calorie count and which is why it is wise to add it under the prescription of a dietician according to your age and body weight. There are no known risks of consuming organic-ghee other than the possibility of putting on extra weight. But if you are enjoying a good health and you do not have any weight gain issues, then you must include a moderate amount of organic ghee in your diet.

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