Gau Mutra

Gau Mutra

Gau Mutra helps human body fight hundreds of diseases and increase immunity. According to Ayurveda, Gau Mutra refers to the usage of cow urine for therapeutic purposes in traditional Indian medicine. It is also beneficial in Vaastu shastra for purification purposes. But make sure that cow must be of Indian Breed. Gau Mutra is claimed to be quite beneficial and is a natural source of many minerals required by the body. Let’s understand pharmaceutical benefits of Gau Mutra:


Fight diseases with Gau Mutra Pharmaceutical Benefits


1. Treats Anaemia:

Anaemia is a decrease in the total amount of red blood cells (RBCs) or haemoglobin in the blood, but this can be overcome with the use of Gau mutra. Gau mutra mixed with triphala and cow milk, (the mixture known as Mahayograj Guggul) is helpful in treating Anaemia.

Gau Mutra


2. Helps treat fever:

Gau mutra is really helpful in treating anaemia. A mixture containing Gau-mutra along with ghee, yoghurt and black pepper is really beneficial. Sore throats can be treated by gargling a mixture of cow urine distillated along with honey as well as turmeric powder.

3. Prevents antibiotic resistance:

The medical world is baned with the usage of antibiotic resistance. Pesky bacteria have become remarkably adapt at resisting antibiotic drugs, due to the rampant use of these medicines by people. By purifying and activating cow urine using light, researchers have found Gau mutra to be effective against certain drug resistant bacterial strains.

4. Include anti cancer properties:

Gau mutra has great antioxidant properties which help in neutralizing oxidative stress as well as scavenging free radicals. These properties highlight potential anti-cancer powers of Gau-mutra. This is not to say that it can cure cancer but also acts as a deterrent for the risk of cancer.

5. Stimulates immune system:

In Ayurveda texts, there is prescription of various herbs and minerals to fortify the body against infections and pathogens. Even in ancient books, Gau-mutra is said to increase disease resistance by 104%. Gau mutra is a great immune booster to help the body fight infections.

6. Heals wounds, acts as a good antiseptic

Are you frightened thinking about putting antiseptic lotions to wound? Don’t worry; try Gau mutra which is proven to be best at aiding wound healing. External application of Gau-mutra on the wound shows significant wound healing.

Cow gives all pleasures to everyone, is being worshipped as “KAMADHENU”- the mother of all entities since thousands of years mostly by Hindus. Even when a mother is unable to feed her baby with milk, the cow’s milk meets the needs. Hence, it is proved that cow is considered as the mother and is respected with offerings & poojas. All the products obtained from cow are also beneficial to all mankind in various ways, hence we all must not considered her just an animal, but must give the position of God and should bestow care with due respect.